Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The tartan scarf

Tartan has made a comeback last year in mainstream fashion. It was never truly gone, but nowadays you see a lot more items. One thing that was very popular was the Zara tartan scarf. Now you have a good lookalike at Primark for less than 10 euros. I realize I just wrote about scarfs and I just ordered two. Which will come tomorrow, yay!


Anyhow, back to the Zara scarf. It was reversible. One side was tartan, one side was houndstooth. The Primark scarf has these two sides as well. The Zara scarf can be bought on Ebay for ridiculous prices. The Primark scarf is very popular as well and I won't be surprised if soon it will be completely sold out (if someone wants to get rid of it, I will be happy to take it over btw). The point of this post however is that New Look has a similar scarf like Zara and Primark. It's € 17,99 and available in red and orange. You can order it here.