Wednesday, October 8, 2014


After days of moaning about wanting this C & A coat, I finally ordered it. Not at C & A unfortunately since it was all sold out at their webshop. Which I thought was a real shame, since their webshop is good, fast and you don't have to pay forwarding charges at the moment! But I really wanted this coat and it was only € 29,90. So when I saw the exact same jacket from C & A sold at an other webshop I was really excited. Until I saw the forwarding charges. Those were € 5,95. Which I think is ridiculously high, especially since it's a huge webshop.


I can't help it, I just don't like forwarding charges. I understand why they exist. And I do understand that sending packages isn't 'just' sending packages. It has to go to a storage, to be separated, to get in a box or bag etc, etc. So a lot comes with it. I do understand it. But almost € 6 is expensive in my eyes. I usually wouldn't order something but I just want this coat so badly.