Friday, October 3, 2014


On the one hand I look forward to colder weather and on the other hand I don't. I like sweaters and I love the fact how in the winter you can feel really cozy when you're warm. But when the cold weather comes I crave summer. Yet when it's summer and it's really hot outside, I long for a more normal temperature. Also winters are the best when it's cold outside, but you're at home where it's warm. Long story short, after writing this post I want to order two scarfs I really liked.


€ 14,99

€ 9,99

These scarfs are both from H & M. The first one reminded my sister and mother of this one. It's maybe in the same style, but I don't think they look alike that much. I still love the scarf I already have, but I like to mix it up. It's why I ordered the other scarf as well. The brown one looks so pretty and for only € 10! I can't believe it. I also like the fact that both scarves look big. That's always nice, so I can wrap myself around them. The brown one will go great with my pink coat from V & D (number 5). The first scarf will look great with my grey coat from New Yorker.

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