Friday, October 3, 2014

My very first blogoversary

I can't believe I completely forgot my blogoversary. Then I got a reminder and I thought it was today, but as it happens I'm a day too late! My blogoversary was actually yesterday. Oops! I have been completely wrapped up in school this last few weeks, so I guess that's why I forgot. Anyway, up to another year! Let's hope I won't forgot my blogoversary next year!


I started my first 'blog' on Tumblr on August 26, 2013. I didn't like the platform after a while for blogging. So on October 2, 2014 I made my own blog on Blogger. Why the name? If you read my blog before, you'll know why. I love H & M. If I could, I would buy most of the collection (granted I often buy too much from the collection already). Most of my clothes are from H & M. 

I also like that my fashion sense has grown, yet it's still me (and still mostly H & M). I still like comfy clothes but sometimes I like to mix it up with printed pants (which can be comfy as well). My fashion sense has grown, but I still would wear most of my outfits from last year. I simply like to experiment more. I also really like the fact the pictures have improved so much. Let's hope they keep getting better and better! I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me with blog and being as excited as I am. As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently very busy with school. So it's getting harder and harder to post. I think most bloggers will recognise this. Still I'm very proud I make a post almost every day. Especially since it's sometimes hard to find inspiration. But I hope inspiration keeps on coming and coming and you will have loads of posts to read on here about (affordable) fashion! I also want to thank all my readers and the people who comments on my articles. This keeps me going and I love reading every comment (except the spam I get, sorry! And with spam, I mean actual spam) and they really mean a lot me. So October 2 2015, here HMLovur comes!

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