Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I received a (my mom, actually) coupon from Takko Fashion with discount on one item. There was a coupon with 30 %, 20 % and 10 %. I wanted to go to Takko Fashion for quite some time. And with these coupons I had even more reasons to go! 30 % discount on the prices at Takko Fashion is a lot, thus even cheaper clothes.

 I nearly left the store without something and I was quite disappointed. Until I saw this beige trenchcoat. I always want a lot and one of the things I wanted was a beige trenchcoat. But these coats were always either really expensive or I hesitated because I'm very pale. I'm afraid the beige trenchcoat would make me even look more pale. I saw this coat before and I tried it on and I loved it. Even though it was only € 39,95, I didn't buy it. Because I was afraid it would me make more pale, because I already have a lot of coats and because the weather was getting colder not warmer. But you know, I believe everyone should embrace their own skin color. And winter maybe coming, but you know what season comes after winter? Spring, that's right. Warmer temperatures etc. And this weekend the weather will be quite hot for the end of October and the beginning of November. Plus, with 30 % discount the trenchcoat was only € 27,99. And then suddenly I bought the coat. 


 These blue boots are really blue as you can see from the pictures. I bought the boots at Scapino for € 15,-. They were originally € 34,99.  I love the bright blue color. It makes the ankle boots more unique looking. They definitely will be the eye holder of an outfit.

I also almost bought this lovely parka at Vero Moda. But since I just bought the beige trenchcoat and blue boots, I decided I wouldn't buy it. The original price of this parka was € 89,95. It's still the same on the webshop. In the store the parka was € 50,-. I also tried this parka before and I was in love. It looks so pretty. Although it's not as warm as my C & A parka. What do you think of this parka?

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  1. I love the colour of your boots, they're so striking! I also love that scarf. :)

    Love From Twinkle