Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Another shoplog! This one was partly necessary and partly... Uhm. Yeah, I just wanted to have this biker jacket, so I have no excuse for that. But can you blame me? You probably won't blame me, especially when you know how expensive it was (spoiler alert: it wasn't).


I saw this amazing biker jacket on a mannequin at C & A and I fell in love with it. I basically love almost all biker jackets. See: this wishlist of coats/jackets I covet. So I just looked rather casually at the price and the price tag said € 29,90. I couldn't believe it. I was rather peeved when I found out my size wasn't there. But the mannequin wore it and an employee helped me. Thank you for expanding my ever growing coat collection!


I needed to buy new black pumps. You can combine them with everything. They can be chic, casual etc. They look great with skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, pants... The possibilities are endless and sometimes an outfit just needs some black pumps. As you can see on the pictures above, new pumps were necessary. They looked like this for a while now and at the wedding from my sister I realized this couldn't go on any longer. Which sounds very dramatic, but I felt really embarrassed wearing these pumps which were way over due for recycling. 


My old pumps were from Van Haren and I think they were even the same price. These pumps were/are € 16,90. I don't think the heels could've been fixed for the same price. So that's why I bought brand new ones! I'm so glad Van Haren still has these pumps in their collection. The new ones are slightly different, but it's barely notable. The pumps are also very comfy, all though at the moment not as comfy as the old ones. But I have had the old ones for several years and I wore them a lot. So you might think it's strange I bought the almost exact same pumps, but when something is right, it's right.


  1. Absolutely love the jacket & the details <3

    Serene xoxox