Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shoplog: The parka

Sometimes my posts can feel like a self fulling prophecy. I write about a Zara sale and I order 3 items. I write about a Bershka sale and I order a new biker jacket. And on Sunday I wrote about parka's. I already wrote I was searching for one. I also tried one several parka's the last few weeks. I found one at C & A which looked warm, but the price was € 69,90. Not that expensive for a warm winter coat, but I wanted a cheaper coat. So when I suddenly found this amazing parka in the store at C & A for only € 39,90 I needed to have it.


 I first tried the smallest size and that one was good. But of course when it's really cold I'm gonna wear cozy vests and sweaters. They're bigger than T-shirts. So I tried a bigger size in a different color and that fitted better with a sweater. Unfortunately this brown coat wasn't available in the store in the size I wanted. So I hoped it was still on the webshop and it was. Also, no forwarding charges! This parka is very warm. On the inside it's filled with sheep's pelt. The hood comes with a faux fur piece. You can detach it and you still have the hood with sheep's pelt.

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