Monday, September 29, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 39

This week is week with coats. Even though it wasn't that cold. I just wore a lot of coats and sometimes I just want to show you. Since this was the week of coats, I also bought a new one. Oops!

My weekly school trip. I wore a laid back look. I wore my vintage green parka from H & M which I bought at Marktplaats (Dutch Ebay). The sweater isn't vintage, but it is from H & M. The high waisted jeans are from Bershka. The sneakers are Converse.


On Tuesday I went to stores in my village. I was searching for a parka and I found the perfect parka at C & A. I'm sure in a couple of weeks the parka will pop up in outfit of the week post. For now I can still turn to my faux leather biker jackets. Like this brown one from Bershka. The T-shirt is from C & A (old). The pants are from H & M. The sneakers are from Converse.


Checkered, square. My new blouse from C & A. This is quite a dark outfit with not a lot of colour. Well, at least for me. I usually wear colourful shoes when the rest of my outfit doesn't have much colour. The faux leather brown biker jacket from H & M gives the outfit a little bit more colour. The jeans are from Vero Moda (old). The knock off Converse are from Van Haren.


Denim on denim with a pop of colour. This denim jacket with faux leather sleeves is from Vero Moda. The pink T-shirt is from Takko Fashion. The ripped jeans from H & M are still a fave even though I don't wear them that often any more. You can't really see them in the pictures, but the rip of the jeans at my left leg is almost completely open. You do see it when I'm sitting down. The fake Converse are from Van Haren.


I felt like wearing my Zara jacket again. It's so summer like, I love it! Most of my days are filled with schoolwork so it's boring to talk about that. This day I went to work however and in the evening I went for sushi with colleagues. The mustard T-shirt is from Takko Fashion. The tregging is from H & M. The sneakers are Converse.


I went to Amsterdam with a friend. So I needed comfy shoes and I went for my black Roshe Run from Nike. The faux leather biker jacket is from C & A and was still a tad warm today. The lace T-shirt is from C & A as well. The tregging is from H & M.