Monday, September 22, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 38

Every week I'm getting further and further toward the end of my research papers. Which means the end of my school days are in sight. Exciting! And a little bit scary sometimes. It seems this week was really the last week filled with warm weather.

My red trenchcoat (old) from H & M looks awesome with my black Roshe Run from Nike. I wore this to school. I also wore my floral kimono from Primark. The skinny jeans are from H & M, just like the green T-shirt (old).


Moschino! It seems appropriate he was in the ootw post since there was another quite unique fashion show, designed by Jeremy Scott for Moschino (not the cat though). The outfit however has nothing to do with the collection for Moschino. The blouse is from H & M and is several years old. It looks tight, but it's really not that tight at all. The brown faux leather shorts are from H & M as well. The sneakers are from Van Haren.


 Another lovely warm day. I had another driving lesson this week and I can finally say I'm getting there. It's getting better and better. So happy! I didn't wear this outfit while driving. But it was way too hot for long jeans. So I wore my high waisted denim shorts from H & M instead. The red polkadot blouse is from H & M as well. The sneakers are from Van Haren.

I haven't been to a thrift store since the beginning of this year. I felt like it was time to pay a visit to a thrift store. I wore my cowboy jacket from H & M for some vintage feeling. The polkadot blouse is from Vero Moda and is two years old. The top underneath is from H & M. The jeans are H & M as well. The pink sneakers are Nike Roshe Run.

It wasn't that cold on Saturday but the weather is definitely more windy. The leaves are already falling. You'll still get great pictures. Something pictures in the fall can be even more beautiful. The tunic is from H & M (old), just like the top (old). The tregging is from H & M as well. The sneakers are Converse. I always wear All Stars to work. I usually do feel my feet at the end of the day. This day I tried my soles from my black Nike Roshe Run and it's such an improvement. I'm thinking of buying an extra pair, so I can keep soles for my Roshe and have one for other shoes like these. I was catching up with friends after a day of working and I didn't feel like wearing pumps. Sneakers will suffice.

I'm wearing more and more sneakers it seems. I wore my pink Nikes to a barbecue. It was quite windy and chilly, so I wore my new sweater from Takko Fashion. I combined the baby blue sweater with my darker tregging from H & M. Before I put on my sweater, I was wearing my white T-shirt from the Conscious Collection from H & M. I wore it underneath the sweater later on but the T-shirt wasn't visible anymore. The white top underneath the T-shirt is from HEMA.