Monday, September 15, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 37

I really can't believe it's been a year since I first posted my very first ootw. The pics weren't that great since my mom took them with her phone. While her phone makes great pictures, it's nothing compared to a regular camera which I later "borrowed" from my dad. Or a reflex camera which I use now. Or I should say my mom. Because she is my dedicated photographer. Up to another year right?

I went to school today. Until my research paper is finished I will be going to school every Monday. It gives me an extra push and helps me go forward. So that's why I'm going every Monday. I wore this comfy outfit. The T-shirt is from H & M. The superstretch jeans are from H & M as well. The sneakers are Nike.


H & M now has girlfriend jeans as well as boyfriend jeans and moms jeans. I think the next step will be dad jeans right? For now I'll stick to my boyfriend jeans from H & M. The blouse is from C & A. The sneakers are from Van Haren.


I wore my new blouse from H & M on Wednesday. Since this blouse is quite short, I combined it with my high waisted jeans from Bershka. I wore my pink Roshe Run from Nike to add some colour to the outfit.


I'm loving the sunny weather. The weather is definitely better than last month. I have worn this outfit before to show the floral blazer from Zara. But that doesn't count, since I just wanted to show the blazer. Aside from that though, there is nothing wrong with recycling. The denim dress is from C & A. The pumps are from Scapino.


I bought this black and white T-shirt from C & A before my blog. I wanted to wear something this day which I haven't worn before this summer. Since the hot/warm days are nearly over, we should enjoy it while it lasts. The denim jacket from H & M is also old. I bought it in April 2012. The jeans (Bershka) and shoes (Esprit) are from this year.

I wore two new things on Sunday. I wore my new purple high waisted pants from Divided from H & M. The leopard blouse is from H & M. Just like the top, but that one is several years old. The wedges are from Bershka.