Saturday, September 13, 2014

4 in 1

While I was at work my H & M package came in. I guess the postman was ready for the weekend, because he left the package at the door at the back. Even though my sister and father were at home. I guess they didn't hear the bell? Any how, the package came in. When I came home I unwrapped it and immediately tried on the clothes.

 The high waisted pants are from Divided. The pants are originally € 19,99 but I ordered them with a discount code. I paid € 14,99. I tried the smaller size a while ago and that was way too small. These pants are still a little bit tight. Here's hoping the pants will stretch. Since it is a high waisted super stretch pants. I'm keeping the pants.


I'm not keeping this mustard vest. While I think it looks great with the pants, it's a bit too big for me. The vest is from Divided as well and it's € 9,99.

I'm so in love with this dress. It was only € 14,99 and I can't believe it's not sold out! It's an amazing price and I just love the dress. I love the fitting and it's a little bit warmer than regular H & M dresses. 

 Animal print usually isn't my style. I always fear it ends up looking tacky. Though I sometimes see things with animal print which I really like and then I don't try it on. But you know what, YOLO! I bought this blouse in the sale and it was only € 10,-.