Thursday, July 31, 2014


If you read my blog a lot, you know I always succeed in Almere when I go shopping. It's not the capital of the Netherlands. But the capital, Amsterdam, doesn't have a Primark yet. Since I always want to go to Primark, I never really go to Amsterdam anymore. Not that I came there a lot before Primark opened in Almere. But when you have multiple successful shopping sprees in a city, you want to go back every time.

This time I succeeded at Primark again. I bought this white floral kimono for € 13,-. There was also a small sale, but I didn't find anything interesting. Yet sale at Primark always surprises me, since the clothes are already cheap. The floral kimono is also available in black, but I already have a black floral kimono and therefore I chose the white one.

What do you think of this outfit? Very festival like right? The jeans and the wedges are also new. Both are from Bershka. There were several high waisted jeans for only € 24,99 at Bershka. I chose this washed up version, because I don't own jeans like these. These jeans are super comfortable. They're also really soft. Nowadays most jeans are more comfortable than even a few years ago. I like it, though the quality might be less. It's not something I noticed yet. 


The wedges were on sale. They used to be € 59,99 but they were now on sale for € 19,99. My mom payed for them and when she wanted to pay the wedges at the cash register they were even cheaper. They were only € 14,99. The sneakers wedges might be on the return, but it's something I still really like.


 This jacket from Zara was also on sale. It was quite the coincidence, because I usually don't go to Zara and Bershka. And I bought things at both stores. Which means I should always pay a visit to those stores, especially when there is a sale. This jacket was only € 19,99. With a basic T-shirt and jeans, this jacket will be the eye catcher of my outfit. It's very bright. And very colorful, but not too colorful. It's also quite warm and I think it will work as a blazer as well. Like this blazer? I found a very similar here and less similar here.