Monday, August 25, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 34

August is flying by as quickly as the rest of the year, which is quick. My mind seems to think we're just starting summer but it's not. It's almost over. Which sounds really dramatic. But I'm so not ready for rain and the cold. Then again, I do feel like wearing sweaters, vests and coats. Just not in really cold weather. Humans, we can make everything so complicated!

Don't let yourself be deceived with these pictures. Yes, the weather was beautiful when this picture was taken. But it rained a lot this week again. It's a very wet August. It's also a lot colder than usual. Which is why I have no idea what to wear in the morning. I'm still in the mood for T-shirts, but without a vest, blazer or jacket it's too cold. That's why I'm wearing my Zara jacket over my Takko Fashion T-shirt. The black pants are from H & M and the shoes are from Van Haren.


I can't believe I ordered this blazer a year ago at H & M. The color is so amazing, it's really bright. Looking back at this post still makes me want to order the others blazer. But they're sold out. Which I guess is a good thing. The T-shirt is from H & M as well. It's light pink, but on the pictures it looks white. The black top is from H & M as well (old). The shoes are from Van Haren. I wore this while eating sushi and it was delicious again. I'm getting hungry for sushi right now...


This is certainly my favourite outfit of the week. I love the combination of the checkered blouse from New Yorker with the faux leather pants from H & M. The pumps are from Van Haren.

 I'm still busy with my driving lessons. I couldn't take lessons for two months due to schoolwork. Driving isn't something I'm extremely good in, but I'm getting there. I had a test this day and I wore this shirt from H & M. I also wore my comfy superstretch jeans from H & M and my red Converse.

Some family members came over this day. I felt like a casual look with the twist of the high waisted jeans from H & M. The crop top is from H & M as well. The shoes are H & M as well.


I went out with friends and I wore these purple ankle boots from H & M. The boots are several years old. I also wore my short faux leather biker jacket from H & M (old as well). The top and jeans are from H & M as well.

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