Monday, August 18, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 33

I knew it as soon as I typed it (and said it at loud). I miss summer and the hot weather. Well, not the super hot weather because that was too hot. But I swear this week felt like fall. And fall is coming soon enough. And will go on long enough. I'm ready to wear fall clothes and the fall collection, but I'm not ready for the fall weather. 

It was raining the whole week, but the weather was depressing most of the week. It was also quite chilly, so that's why I wore a sweater. This sweater is from H & M and it's new. The jeans are several old and are from H & M as well. I'm also wearing my new sneakers from Van Haren.


I'm ready for tennis! Just kidding, I don't play tennis. But this sneakers feel like tennis shoes. It actually makes me like the sneakers even more. The T-shirt is from an old Conscious collection from H & M. The skirt is old as well. And surprise, surprise... It's also from H & M. The shoes are from a different store, Van Haren.


This is a whole new look for me. It feels very nineties, even though I never hopped on the crop top trend back then. Probably because I was too young. Anyway, this look feels very nineties and almost throwback Thursday. Even though I wore it on Wednesday. This outfit surprisingly doesn't include Van Haren shoes. It does however include a top from H & M. It also include my high waisted jeans from Bershka. Last but not least, my wedges from Esprit. 


I went for a chic T-shirt and sporty sneakers this Thursday. I went too a palace in the Netherlands (called paleis het Loo) which has a special exhibition about Grace Kelly. It was very interesting and it showed many dresses which she used to wear. Including a replica of her wedding dress. My outfit was different than what Grace Kelly used to wear. But she lived in a very different time. The T-shirt is from C & A. The jeans are from H & M (old). The sneakers are Nike Roshe Run.


This T-shirt from H & M still feels very retro and funky. Love it! The tregging is also from H & M. The shoes are from Van Haren.


Bright with terrible weather. Seems about right! This bright blazer is from C & A. I matched the blazer with this polkadot top from Primark. The tregging is from H & M. The shoes are new and are from Van Haren.

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