Monday, August 11, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 32

I had a wedding this week. Not mine, but still very special. Because my oldest sister got married. The ceremony was beautiful and she had an amazing dress. It won't show it due my sisters privacy. But she looked amazing. This was also the week when I finally found my bag. Which is of course is not as special as my sis getting married. But it was something I was searching for for so long. 

This look might stand out more with colored pants, but I like the blue elements in this outfit. Also, polkadot! I went to the movies this day. It was very hot, so it was an obvious choice (uhum). The blouse/tunic is from Vero Moda and I bought it several years ago. The top underneath is from H & M (old). The tregging is from H & M as well. The pumps are from Van Haren (old).


Purple works well with bordeaux red in my opinion. This is the first time I wore my short biker jacket from H & M. It might not really show in the pictures, but it's really bordeaux red instead of purple. The jeans are purple. They're from H & M as well (old). The T-shirt is from New Yorker (old). The shoes are Converse. I also bought two new pair of sneakers. And this is the day I finally bought my new bag.


What do you think of my new fake All Stars from Van Haren? I went swimming with friends. It wasn't as hot as the previous days, but it was still quite sunny. My back was burned at the end of the day so there was enough sunshine. The T-shirt looks almost white, but it's light pink. The T-shirt is from H & M. The polkadot jeans are from Primark.


And then it was finally time for my sisters wedding. Like I mentioned before, the ceremony was beautiful and slightly emotional. It was weird seeing her getting married, even though she's older than I am. The happy couple also was lucky with the weather. The forecast predicted a lot of rain. But we were in luck, since there was only a little bit of rain. The wedding was near the beach and it was mostly sunny. So that probably means a lot of pretty pictures. I didn't take a lot myself, because I didn't took the camera with me. I only made a few with my smartphone. The dress is from C & A, the pumps from Van Haren (old). The bride looked amazing, but I also got loads of compliments on my dress (always nice right?). It was an amazing day, but I was very tired at the end of the day.


Biker jackets have been hot a couple of years now and I'm loving this trend. I see way too many biker jackets I want to buy. This particular jacket I'm wearing is from H & M. This was the day after the wedding and I was still a little bit tired. I wore this off white top from H & M. I think this top works really well with my dark tregging from H & M. The shoes are Converse.

The wedges from Bershka again. This time I combined them with my tregging from H & M and my purple T-shirt from the Conscious Collection from H & M (old).

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