Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oops...! Zara did it again

A week ago I posted about a controversial T-shirt from Zara. The T-shirt had a quote on it, 'White is the new black'. Now Zara had another rather painful shirt in their collection (it's not available anymore). It was a shirt with blue stripes and a golden star on it. While the chain said the star referred to the old wild west and their sherrifs, customers thought other wise. They thought it had an eerie resemblance to clothes people had to wear in concentration camps. You might think why post this on my blog? I want to show that fashion has it bad sides at well. I'm really curious what you think about this shirt. Do you see the resemblance or do you think people overreacted?


  1. I think is a little bit overreaction... its looking different, but also more like a pajama, not like sheriff's blouse.
    Well, I would say - if you don't like, don't buy it.
    But thanks to all those ''controversial'' clothes, Zara got worldwide advertisement... maybe that was the target?

    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree, I didn't link the shirt and the star with the concentration camps either. But that's because none of my relatives perished in the camps, so I can see why it can be triggering for other people. I don't think Zara intended this either, but the combination of the blue stripes and gold star weren't a good idea in retrospective.