Sunday, August 3, 2014

The search continues

My search for the perfect black bag is still ongoing. I have looked at too many bags, webshops, stores and yet I haven't found one. I did finally order one and I wanted to tell you about it. Because the bag I ordered at Hip voor de heb is great, if you're not as picky as I am. 


I ordered this black bag for € 39,95. I thought the handle was longer, but alas. Too short for wearing the bag over your shoulder. So it was a no for me. It did have a longer handle as well (not shown on the pictures). So you could wear it over your shoulder. But I don't like to carry my bag in my hands the whole day. The forwarding charges were € 4,70 and the bag arrived within two days. Pretty quickly. I send the bag back because the handle wasn't long enough. But for Dutch people this webshop certainly can be interesting. If you're interested in this bag called Inigia bag black, you can buy it here. It's now also on sale for € 20,-.

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