Monday, July 28, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 30

Another warm week. I should be grateful, because in a few months I will regret saying it. But it's too hot. You really shouldn't do to much in this weather, except for swimming or something. So of course I went shopping this week.

I bought the blue top at Vero Moda two years ago. The light pink pants are from H & M. The black pumps are from Van Haren (old).


A lot more sunny, so that calls for a summer outfit. I wore my dress from H & M, which I bought all the way back in December. It was on sale so of course I couldn't resist. I also wore my Birkenstock's (old). I went this while shopping in Zwolle. Where I finally bought my high waisted!


I went to a small town in the Netherlands for some sightseeing. There was a market and it was super crowded. I wore a T-shirt from H & M, which I bought two years ago. I combined it with my lovely tregging from H & M and my good old pumps from Van Haren.

I didn't buy anything from the last Conscious Collection, but I certainly do own some items from previous collections. This black T-shirt for example. I think I bought it two years ago. I wore my darker treggings this week, but I also wore the lighter version. The red All Stars make this outfit pop. It's why I wore them.


Blue and orange are great combinations, in my opinion. Perhaps even better than blue and red? Although I love those combinations as well. The polkadot blouse is from Primark and the orange pants are from H & M (I bought them two years ago). The black pumps are from Van Haren (old).

One of my aunts (I have a lot) was celebrating her birthday today. I wanted to wear something festive and something cute and summery. So I thought, why not my beautiful H & M dress? Mixed with my festive pumps from Scapino and my outfit was ready!


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