Monday, July 21, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 29

It was crazy hot this week. A little bit too hot. I went too lunch with a friend and I had another interview. And I worked a lot this week. So again, basically like last weeks. But that's okay, we can't all do exciting things. 


 And again a not so surprise appearance of Moschino, the cat. This outfit may feel like cheating, because I wore this when I showed the clothing in this shoplog. However when I show an outfit in a shoplog, I want to wear it for real. And not for mere seconds for a picture. The T-shirt and the skirt are both from H & M, which I bought in Antwerp. The black pumps are old and from Van Haren.


What I love about summer and the warmer temperatures, is that I can finally wear a lot of clothes which I haven't wore before or I have barely worn before. For example, I bought this top from H & M back in May. Which isn't that long ago if I compare it with other clothes I haven't tried on because the weather wasn't good enough. I did wear these high waisted shorts before and I'm glad, since these shorts are amazing. I'm also wearing my Birkenstock's (old).

I went to lunch with a friend this day in Zwolle. I wore my peplum top and tregging from H & M. I'm also wearing my Roshe.


I didn't go for contrasts this day, which I usually do. This day I went for a light look, which fitted the weather. The blouse is from H & M. The shorts are from Vero Moda and I might've bought them last year or perhaps the year before. I'm wearing my Birkenstock's again (old). They might not be super pretty but they're easy and comfortable. It was too hot for heels anyway.


 This dress was such a good buy. It's from Primark and I bought it for only € 16, belt included. I matched the dress with my old black pumps from Van Haren. Some might think it's a fashion faux pas to wear black and brown together, but I don't care. I like the combination of the two colors.

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