Monday, July 14, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 28

My sister had her graduation this week on Tuesday, I worked a lot and I had another interview for my research paper. Aside from the graduation ceremony, this week was pretty much like the last few weeks. But at least I can work extra now, which I really enjoy because it means more money. More money means shopping! It feels like it has been weeks since I last had a shopping spree, but realistically, it wasn't that long ago.


Talk about Dutch pride right? I wore this outfit on Monday and I was inspired by the Dutch win on the World Cup. They lost the next game on Wednesday, but a lot of people in the Netherlands still hoped they would win. They ended up being 3rd and the Germans won. Congrats Germany! I actually didn't watch any of the game, except the one in Antwerp. But I still like it when the Dutch team won a game. Now about the outfit, I'm wearing a blue blazer from the H & M, white T-shirt from H & M, red pants from C & A (old), Van Haren pumps (old).


My sister had her graduation ceremony on Tuesday. I wore a simple outfit, because it was her day, not mine. The blazer is from H & M and I bought it two years ago for € 15, it was on sale. The floral T-shirt is from two years ago, it's an H & M T-shirt of course. The jeans are my amazing superstretch jeans. So comfy! The ankle with studs are from Van Haren. I still love them so much, they're a couple years old. 


Stripes! I can never wear too many stripes in one week. I don't like to combine stripes together, but when separated they're amazing. The striped top is from H & M. It was a little bit chilly this day, so I wore something warmer. I'm still having a cold as well. The superstretch jeans are from H & M. The pumps are from Scapino. 


My pajama pants have been a life saver this week, because it has been so warm the last few days. Which is of course nice, because it feel like summer (which it is). But warm weather in the Netherlands also means that it's very humid. The black T-shirt is from Takko Fashion, the pajama pants are from C & A and the pumps are from Scapino. 


 This tunic/blouse is from two years ago. It was the first one of many I bought that and the following year. The tunic is from Vero Moda and I still love the color. I wore this yesterday and it was actually a little bit too warm for this tunic. I had another interview this day and I went to lunch afterwards with a friend. We also ate ice cream, yummy! I'm wearing a black basic top from H & M underneath the tunic. The tregging is from H & M as well. Again, the pumps! Yes, slightly overkill, but I think they really went with the outfits these week. The pumps are from Scapino.


  1. Gorgeous turquoise shoes! Also love the studded booties


  2. Yay to more shopping! Congrats to your sister!! I love the striped tee!
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  3. nice
    love the blazers !