Saturday, July 26, 2014

Floral twins

Earlier this year I wore an amazing floral pantsuit from Zara. I bought the floral blazer and matching floral pants in the sale. My blazer from Zara isn't on sale anymore, but I found this floral blazer at Shenside. It looks almost exactly the same after a careful analysis of my own blazer. So if you liked the blazer from Zara, you might want to check this blazer out.

The blazer from Sheinside is priced at € 21,76, slightly more expensive than my Zara blazer, which was € 19,99. Then again, that blazer was on sale. It was originally € 99,95. The quality of my blazer is very good. It's quite warm. I can't speak of the Sheinside blazer, because I don't own it. I do think the quality might be the same as clothes from Primark and H & M. But I obviously can't say for certain. You can do your own analyses of the Sheinside blazer here.

And here are pictures from my blazer from Zara.

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