Thursday, June 19, 2014


I went to Almere again, obviously I didn't mind. I went with friends this time and I managed to buy some great new clothes. I wanted to buy a blue polkadot blouse from Primark which I didn't buy last week. I'm glad I went last week and this week. Since some of the stuff from Primark (which wasn't on sale) and H & M were already gone. Both of the dresses I bought at the stores where now where to be seen, so I was really glad I bought them last week. Especially since the floral dress from H & M is still the regular price at the webshop and completely sold out. But the sale hadn't started at Zara and neither at Mango I think. And I bought a great top at the last store I mentioned.

I was so happy this blouse was still at Primark. It was only € 10 and I didn't buy it last week because I said to myself, I already have enough polkadot items. But I really love it and I think the color is amazing. I also love my other Primark blouse which is the same color. This one looks black on the pictures, but it's blue.


I recommended this top for a friend, but I really liked it for myself so I wanted to try it on. I just love the bright neon pink color, especially in the combination with the white top underneath. It looks like they are two tops, but it's actually one top. I bought it at Mango in the sale for € 9,99. It was originally € 19,95.


The last thing I bought was this black top with polkadot (again, lol). It's from H & M and I also own it in blue, but it was only € 5. It was originally € 14,95.

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