Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I already told you I went to Almere again. Usually that ends up in a huge successful shopping spree, as it did yesterday. I decided I would go shopping this day with my mom and it turned out even more fun when I found out the sale had started at H & M.


I started at the Primark and it was way busier than on a Thursday. That might be because a lot of students already have vacation. This nude blouse was only € 9,- at Primark. I think it looks very classy, especially because you can't see all of the buttons. I also love the color.


I spotted this dress and I immediately wanted to try it on. It was € 16,- and included with the belt. It looks very summery and cute. Perfect for family gathering or going to lunch with friends.


I bought this fluffy cardigan at H & M in the sale. It was originally € 34,95, but it's now € 15,-. It was also on sale in pastel pink, but that wasn't available in my size. So I went for the black one and no regrets! Love it! Even though I already own a black fluffy sweater. If it's gonna be a cold winter, I'm prepared.

I was almost sad I already bought the perfect dress at C & A for my sisters wedding. But I needed to have this dress, because I think it's divine. It was € 20,- in the sale at H & M (and even cheaper, because I used a 15 % discount coupon because I donated a bag with old clothes, so it was € 17,-). It was originally (and still on the webshop, though this dress is sold out) € 39,95. I love the print and I don't even mind the pleads. I think those pleads make the dress more unique. Perhaps I should change several times at the wedding (kidding!).


This dress was only € 7,-. For this money I couldn't resist. I could've sworn it was the same dress as the one I tried in March, but I guess not. I don't mind, I still love it because I think it looks really edgy without looking tacky. It was originally € 24,95.


It's funny how I went from no colored pants several years ago and now to having pants in all colors and with prints and polkadots. I was also very lucky with these pastel pink pants, because we found them at the sale items, but it wasn't priced of. Until we asked the price at the cash registry. It was € 10,- instead of € 19,95. Lucky, right?

And now the things I didn't buy, lets start with Primark:

I was on the hunt for short denim dungarees, but alas, I didn't found the perfect dungarees. This one was only € 13,- and looked great while wearing it. But the problem was getting it on. It was a little bit too tight while trying them on, but not while wearing it. It was already a little bit loose at the top while wearing, so I don't think a bigger one was an option.

This jacket was € 9, but I wasn't that fond of it. It looked too horse ridey and I think I got my tax with the horse riding boots.

If I remember correctly, this peplum top was € 7,- but I'm not 100 % sure. Either way, it wasn't that great.

I tried the rest of the items at H & M, unless specified other wise. So this pink dress is from H & M, but I don't remember the price. I think it was € 20,- in the sale.

This black blazer was also on sale, € 20,-. Didn't buy it since I already have a few black blazers. Though I liked the embroidered parts of the blazer.

I almost bought these leggings with quilted fake leather patches. It looked so edgy, but I don't think I would be comfortable wearing them as pants. I feel treggings are different, since they look like pants and have pockets. This one didn't.

This light denim dungarees weren't that great either. Such a shame. The one from Primark was nearly perfect, but this one was way too big. It was € 34,95 and not on sale.

This blazer was from the New Icons collection and now on sale. i think it was € 20,-, but it wasn't in my size so that's why it looks big. 

This blazer is perfect for work. Really chic, but I already have so many blazers and yet I keep trying them on. It was € 20,- in the sale.

Another horse riding jacket. Only € 15,- and in the sale as well. It was actually blue but the picture doesn't show it. I wasn't that fond of this jacket either. 

Super cute, but it didn't look very flattering. This dress was on sale as well and either € 20,- or € 15,-.

This green T-shirt was only € 5,- and very bright. But I didn't buy it.

Again a denim dungaree and again it wasn't the one. I tried this one at C & A and I think it was € 29,95. It was too big, horrible to get it on. I was so annoyed while getting it on that I got really cranky. Probably because of the weather as well.

What do you think of the items I bought?


  1. Love the black dress!

  2. Wauw, wat een hoop mooie outfits! <3


  3. nice looks
    you look sexy on the black dress!

  4. Hello hun! I love especially the floral print dress and the coral pleated dress you were trying on!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  5. Love the dress!