Monday, June 23, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 25

The summer officially started at June 21. I gotta say, I didn't notice it that much on Thursday while shopping, because I was freaking cold when I was outside. Further more I went to Zwolle with a friend to catch up.


Again I start the week on Wednesday, since I had to work on Monday and Tuesday. I had a driving lesson on Wednesday and it went well. Now I have to learn for my theory exams, so I can hurry up with my driving lesson and get my driver's license. I usually have a lesson every two weeks, because I was so busy with school. I have more spare time right now, so I can take more lessons. Later on the day I went to Zwolle with a friend and we ate sushi as lunch. It was delicious! And there was some time for shopping as well of course. I'm wearing my new polkadot blazer from H & M, my nude T-shirt from H & M, my skinny jeans from H & M and my black ankle boots from H & M.

Another day, another shopping trip. And again in Almere. I just love the city for the stores. I went with friends and you always see different things when you go shopping with different people. I also loved showing items to my friends which I thought might be fun for them to wear. We have very different styles, but I thought of their clothing style when I picked items. Even though it can be fun to go out of your comfort zone sometimes, the most important thing is you have to be confident (and comfortable, but not necessarily in the practical sense) in your outfits. I wore my green T-shirt from C & A which is a year old (maybe two?). The floral pants are from H & M and the pink sneakers are Roshe Run. 


I gotta say, making outfit pictures with my mom can be hilarious. She is getting better every week, so I wanted to give her a shout out. Thanks mom! At the first pic of this third outfit I'm standing on stones, which weren't that high but did feel really high. I don't mind going in rollercoaster but I was afraid standing on this, lol. The top is from H & M and I think I bought it two years ago. The skinny jeans are from H & M as well. The sneakers are Nike's.


 I never wore this red blazer from H & M and I actually wanted to get rid of it because I never wore it before. I decided to keep it, because I love the color (red!). I'm glad I did. The blazer is actually a vintage H & M, because I bought it at Queensday (yes, Queensday!) in Amsterdam in 2011. It was the last time I was at the flea market on Queensday/Kingsday. I hope I will go next year, I always love the ambiance, especially when the weather is good. And sometimes you find clothes or other items for a reasonable price. I don't remember the price of this specific blazer though, but it wasn't expensive. The white T-shirt is from H & M. The jeans are my boyfriend jeans from H & M. The pumps are from Scapino.

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