Monday, June 9, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 23

This is already the sixth month of 2014. Can you believe it? These last months flew by. This week I was working on my schoolwork. I did a little bit of shopping, had a driving lesson, went to a party with colleagues and made sushi with friends. But what did I wear this week?


 I'm sorry, I had to include the star again. It's really his moment and we all just exist in his world as his staff. About the outfit, it's very simple and casual because I travelled a lot today for school. I had to walk a lot as well, so I went for my All Stars. The jeans are old and are from H & M. The green T-shirt is from C & A and I own it in white as well (I wore that one last week, fourth outfit with the red blazer and black pumps).

To be quite honest, I wanted to wear these pants on Tuesday. And I did, but I absolutely had no idea how to combine the striped pants from H & M. That's why I wore this old C & A blouse. I know the price, because the price tag was still on it: € 9,90. The sandals are Birkenstock's and are old as well.

On Wednesday I wore my blue lumberjack blouse from H & M. I combined it with my light tregging from H & M and you sorta get the feeling it's a denim on denim look. The dark red ankle boots from H & M make the outfit a little less blue. I wore this while doing a little bit of shopping which turned out bigger than I anticipated.

I wanted to wear my new sneakers from Scapino the very next day. The black blazer/jacket with belt and short sleeves is from Takko Fashion, just like the pink T-shirt. The leather pants are from H & M. I really like the fact that the outfit doesn't have too much going on at the top but pops at the bottom with the shoes.

 This outfit just screams summer to me, despite I'm not wearing shorts or short dresses or skirts. The outfit just looks summery because of all the colors. The white T-shirt is from the Conscious collection of H & M, the blue jeans are from Primark and I bought them in January 2012. The golden flats are old and are from H & M as well.


I had a party with collagues in the evening and I decided it was time for my red dress again. The last time (and then the first time) I wore it was with New Year's Eve. So long ago! The dress is from H & M. I combined it with my new green/blueish pumps from Scapino


It was really hot this Sunday (even though it was a little bit colder than Saturday) so I didn't want to wear jeans or long pants. I picked out my black skirt from H & M and I combined with my nude T-shirt from H & M, which I thinks works surprisingly well. The brown flats from Van Haren (August 2013) don't match as well, but I wanted to wear flats and no heels or sneakers. I made sushi with friends and it was amazing, really delicious. We were stuffed and didn't finish all of it.


  1. Leuke outfits! Dat kleedje staat je heel mooi!

    X Sara

  2. like it that much!

  3. Love the green tee!

  4. I like the gree blouse and the black blazer.

  5. You are digging the outfit with the leather pants, so so cool!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

    1. Yes I'm loving the faux leather pants! Thank you so much!

  6. great look
    love the 2,3,4 looks!

  7. Great casual chic looks.
    Love the red Dress and floral top.

    xx Lori