Monday, June 2, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 22

The weather was horrible at the beginning of the week, but luckily it turned around by Thursday. I went for a little shopping spree, which turned out bigger than I expected. I also went drinking with a friend this week. We talked for hours and it was really nice.

This T-shirt is two years old and it's from H & M. I bought it in April 2012. I went to school today, so I wanted to wear easy shoes. The motorcycle boots are from De Schoenenreus (old). The superstretch jeans are from H & M.

This floral T-shirt is from H & M and I think I bought it two years ago. While it looks sunny, I actually shot this yesterday with my mom due the heavy rain on Tuesday. On Tuesday I went shopping with my mom. As you can read, I bought quite a lot. I matched the T-shirt with my superstretch jeans and my pink Roshe Run.


I was so excited about my new blazer and new tregging, I wanted to wear them on the next day. The blazer is in real life more neon pink. The blazer is from C & A. The white top is from H & M and I think I bought it in 2012. The blue tregging is from H & M. The brown ankle boots are from Scapino and I bought them last year.


I went to Utrecht on Thursday and I wore this casual ensemble. The red blazer from H & M makes this outfit a little less casual and a little bit more of a pop. The blazer is a couple years old. The white T-shirt is from C & A and I bought it last year. The skinny jeans are from H & M. The black pumps are from Van Haren and are old.


Again, Moschino photobombs. He loves the camera and he really does walk by when shooting pictures. So these aren't staged. He loves it when people are outside, so he isn't alone. The blouse is from H & M, the green pants are from C & A and I think I bought them two years ago. The ankle boots are from Van Haren.


I wore this on Saturday night when I was catching up with a friend. We had a lovely evening and my jumpsuit had arrived in the afternoon. It came at a perfect moment, because I had no idea what to wear. The blue jumpsuit is from H & M and the red pumps are from Van Haren (old).


  1. Die blauwe broek met print is heel mooi en ik vind ie jumpsuit ook echt leuk!

    X Sara

  2. Wat een leuke jumpsuit! De blauwe broek met die hartjes vind ik ook erg leuk:)

    xx Laura

    1. Dank je! Ja ik zag die broek bij de H & M en het was liefde op het eerste gezicht (maar op zich heb ik dat bij erg veel van mijn kledingstukken!)

  3. Wat een hoop leuke outfits zeg! Ik vind je jumpsuit echt geweldig :) xo

  4. Love the colorful tops you are wearing !!! xo

  5. You always do have great choices of clothes for everyday wear.

  6. Great outfits!

  7. Your red blazer is lovely! It goes really well with the white top & jeans!