Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jumpsuit, flowers and polkadot

It was a very long wait, but my blue jumpsuit from H & M finally arrived. Yet another thing I can cross off my wishlist, because I love the jumpsuit. I love it more than the black jumpsuit, even though both are big. I send the black one back and I'm keeping the blue one. That's not the only thing that was in the package from H & M. I also got my floral tregging and my polkadot T-shirt.


As you can see it's quite wrinkled, probably because it came right out of the package. The jumpsuit was € 19,95.


The polkadot T-shirt. Love it as well, especially with the lace.The T-shirt was € 5.


Sorry for the background, it's a bit much with the floral tregging and the flowers. I'm keeping the floral tregging as well, because I wanted to buy it for quite some time now. The floral tregging was € 5.


  1. Nice items darling! :)
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  2. Warm style of dress!

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  3. Love the red heels!


  4. I'm not a jumpsuit kind of girl, but I like that one.

  5. love the jumpsuit !