Saturday, May 3, 2014

Topshop is going Dutch

Topshop is coming to the Netherlands.You can already buy clothes from the webshop on this lovely thing called internet but probably late 2014 (so basically this year) we can do some live shopping in a Topshop store as well. I'm excited because I totally want to see the store even though I've never bought something from the store itself. Forever 21 recently launched a store in the Netherlands so I guess we're being discovered by big brands? Hooray! Speaking about Topshop, the Kate Moss collection is doing really well. Some of the pieces are already sold out. I won't be surprised if she might do another collection with the store in the future.

Do you have a Topshop store in your country? If so, do you like the store? If you don't, would you like to have one?


  1. I'm surprised the Netherlands doesn't have Topshop already. I love Topshop :) We just got an H&M in Australia at last but it's not even in my city :(

    1. I think the bigger brands are slowly discovering the Netherlands which is awesome. Such a pity that you only now got a H & M and not even in your city! I hope H & M will open new stores in Australia and one nearby you in the near future!