Thursday, May 8, 2014

The perfect match & shoplog

I must say Nike delivers really fast. I ordered my Roshe Run a half a size bigger yesterday and they were delivered super quick. I can always appreciate that in a store. I'm so happy the size 38 is good. They're certainly not too wide, because my toes still pres against the mesh but that's normal with these sneakers. It's just the right size. And they're super comfy. I love the sole.



I ordered these at the Nike webshop for € 62,99. They were on sale and are usually around the € 90,-. The price varies per website, but it's usually at least above the € 85,-.

It felt a bit redundant to make an extra post for these pants, as awesome as these are. The printed pants are super hot right now, but upon now I didn't feel comfortable wearing them outside the house. I tried several of them, but I didn't find the right one. When I saw these at C & A for only € 14,90 I knew I had to try them on. The pants were super comfortable but I still wasn't sure. Other people look great in them, but will I? And am I confident enough to wear them en plein public? As my mom and sister M. pointed out, if you can wear a floral suit in public, than surely you will be able to pull these of. So I'll just have to bring my A game and pull these of.