Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I've been saying for months I wanted to go shopping again. I really wanted to go to Primark, but I might have to wait a little bit longer. The more fun it will be when I actually go, right? Anyway, I went to a small town nearby my home. There is a H & M and I bought some items so I was quite happy. Until I spilled Coca Cola over my outfit I was wearing and over my Roshe Run. I don't think you can see any stains on my sneakers, but you could definitely see one on my T-shirt. And it was quite cold for wet pants. But overall, it was a good day!

 The first thing I bought was this blue tregging with print. It was € 14,99 and immediately caught my eye when I saw it. I was having an internal dialogue about having enough pants with prints already. But this tregging was just so nice.


I didn't buy the black T-shirt, which was € 7,-. It was a bit tight around my shoulders. When I tried to take it of, I was afraid it was gonna rip. 


I saw this short yesterday while ordering my short and I was actually thinking about ordering both. This one just screams summer and fun. I think wearing this would make me extra happy because of the lovely colors and the print. It was € 14,95.

I also love this short, which was € 14,95 as well. It's sold out on the webshop and I understand why. But buying three shorts, while different prints, seemed a little bit excessive even for me.

 I had to try on the short I ordered. Why I didn't buy it in the store? One, I was afraid H & M might've prepare the short for delivery. Second, it always seems worse to spend a lot of money on one day instead of spreading it out over a whole month. It's weird, I know, but I don't like spending a huge amount of money in one time (which I did anyway lol).

This T-shirt was € 7,- and they grey one was a bit too big for me. The light pink one was a better fit. It has a lovely detail near the neckline.


This was before I spilled Coca Cola on my jeans. This top is a lovely summer top and was only € 7,-. I love the contrast with the black and bright pink colors.

I didn't buy this dress, because I already had enough. And you could see everything in it. It was € 9,95.

Like I said, I didn't buy the grey T-shirt. I also didn't buy these pants. They were only € 7,-. It's the same fit as my floral tregging which was now priced of as well.

These jeans with print was only € 9,95 at the New Yorker. It was only € 19,95, which was a good price already. Still, € 9,95 was better.


Here is a better picture of the light pink T-shirt from H & M. It was € 7,-. The neon pink blazer (which looks more like orange or light red on the picture) was € 29,90 at C & A. I saw it and immediately wanted to try it on. I love it.


A picture of the inside, which I love as well. Polkadot!


  1. Great tops!

  2. The shorts would be great for summer.


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  4. nice items and combo !