Friday, May 2, 2014


I mentioned before that I really wanted to buy the Nike Roshe Run sneakers. I tried them on when shopping, but I needed some time to think about it because they were € 95,-. I normally don't buy shoes for that price. I usually buy my shoes at Van Haren which has reasonable priced shoes. Now I know the Roshe Run are sneakers and they're from Nike, but still € 95,- is quite a lot of money.

So imagine my happiness when I saw these sneakers on sale for € 62,99 on the Nike webshop. They're normally € 90,- and most sizes are already sold out but mine was still available. I ordered them in size 37,5 which I tried in the store and the size was good. I sometimes buy sneakers and boots in size 38 so my toes have a lot of space. But I think size 37,5 will be fine. At least I hope so...

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