Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Run, Roshe! Run!

My pink Nike Roshe Run came in today. They're so comfortable and I want to keep them so badly, but I'm gonna order them half a size bigger. I'm so afraid the mesh from the front will rip if I keep this size. I ordered them in 37,5 because I usually wear sneakers in 37 or 38. I prefer 38 lately, because then my feet are able to breathe a little bit. My feet usually look big with 38, even though it's not a big size at all. I tried the Roshe Run in 37,5 a few weeks back and it was a good fit, but even than I was wondering whether I should try a 38. I didn't and I regret it. I did ask for a 38 as well, but I didn't got one. I do love the color of this pair I ordered and they were super comfortable, but I'm just not sure about the mesh. It would be such a shame if it ripped.

Did anybody ever read or heard stories about the mesh ripping from the Nike Roshe Run?


  1. ahhh want those so bad. I've heard so many good things about these trainers, nothing about the mesh ripping. What a gorgeous pink colour ! x

    1. They're super comfortable! Thank you. Glad to hear, but my toes really were against the mesh so I was really afraid it might rip. I'm sure 38 will be good.

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