Monday, May 19, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 20

Wow, I wrote how awful the weather was in week 19 and this week was completely different. The weather was amazing, especially at the end of the week. It's so awesome to wear all my summer items: the dresses, shorts, skirts, top and T-shirts. Sure, I already wore some summery items. But not a lot and sometimes it was still a little bit chilly. But not anymore this week!

So this first outfit might look weird regarding to what I just wrote, but the start of the week wasn't that warm as the end of the week. It was sunny, so that was a huge plus! I combined my pink Roshe Run from Nike with my pink blazer from H & M. I also wore my polkadot tregging and my white blouse from H & M.

I must say, I like the combination with the orange jeans better, but this might also be because of the top you see peaking under the blouse. In retrospect, perhaps not a good idea. The polkadot blouse is from Zara. The tregging is from H & M, as well as the top (which is old). And there are the pink All Stars again, for a little bit of color to spice up the outfit.


This amazing vest from the H & M which I still love so much isn't that warm, so I could wear it. It was on my top 10 purchases of 2013 last year and it's still a great vest this year which I'm sure I will wear a lot during next fall and winter. The white T-shirt and faux leather pants are from H & M as well. The brown ankle boots are from Van Haren and are a couple years old. 


I bought this teal T-shirt right before I started my blog. It's from Takko Fashion and I think it was € 9,95. It was a sunny day and I really wanted to wear something sunny. So a basic top combined with floral pants. The pants are from Zara. The gladiator sandals are from Van Haren and are a couple years old.


I've been saying for weeks I wanted to wear my faux leather shorts and my high waisted shorts (spoiler alert: tune in next week for that one!). The faux leather shorts are from H & M. The top is old and it's from C & A. I think I bought it three years ago. And I'm wearing Birkenstock's, because I was relaxing in the garden and enjoying the sun. The Birkenstock's are a couple years old and they were € 40,-. The sun and hot weather was so nice, extra nice since I just finished a huge assignment for school. Up to the next one!