Thursday, April 17, 2014


I rarely ask myself: do I need this when I want to buy something. Because A: there's a huge change I might not exactly need it and B: because I have the ability to always find a excuse why I need this. And C: life is far more fun when you don't ask yourself this question (I'm also pretty much sure that I wrote this before to explain why I totally do not have a shopping addiction). I do think I've been relatively good with the non shopping, except for this jumpsuit, but that one was quite needed (see option B). I do get super proud when I don't buy everything from the internet, because I already might need a extra closet for my clothes. That's also because my closets (yes I have two, technically three) are super small. But when I go without shopping for like two weeks (that must be a record) I usually end up seeing something I really want and need. Just like today H & M decided I needed to order something and until April 21 selected items are up to 50 % cheaper. For someone like me who loves a bargain and loves sales, that is irresistible. 

 These pants were only € 6,95! They're normally € 9,95 which is already super cheap.

This super cute top is now only € 4,95. Normally it's € 9,95. I don't have a cute nude T-shirt with lace like this one yet. It's completely different than this one. And I don't have many nude items. This T-shirt will look great with a dark blue blazer I think.

Like this one, which I didn't order but looks lovely. It's now € 23,95 and normally € 39,95. This one also reminds me of the awesome blazer duchess Catherine a.k.a. Kate Middleton wore in New Zealand. Doesn't she look amazing this tour? I would love to see her closet, but who wouldn't?

 The blazer is also available in a striped version, which looks great as well.


  1. Replies
    1. They indeed look amazing, but I already have too much blue blazers. But I really would love to order the striped one. I'm such a sucker for stripes!

  2. Great choice!! Love that pant! :)

  3. wow cheap indeed! I actually really like the striped version of the blazer ^^

    x Aurélie

    1. I know right! Yes love that one as well and if it would've been 15 or 10 euros it would've been mine but I have to many blazers already. Too many pants and T-shirts as well but they were cheap lol!

  4. Cute pieces.

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  5. Ik vind alles echt heel mooi! Mooie lentekleurtjes, zeker dat zachtroze topje en de gestreepte blazer

    X Sara

  6. jacket H&M lovely <3
    Bardzo ładny blog <3

  7. Lovely pieces!

  8. love the firt one !

  9. love the striped blazer and pants :) xx

  10. Alle items zijn echt super leuk ^^