Monday, April 21, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 16

This week it was Easter. And next week as well, but you'll see the outfit I was wearing today next week (spoiler alert: it's very basic). It was also so windy at the beginning of the week. I was almost in danger of flying away due the wind (sarcasm)!


 No blue Monday for me, but a red/black/denim one. I wore my blouse from H & M, old jeans from Vero Moda and red boots from Taft Shoes which I bought right before I started my blog. As you perhaps can see, the blouse was flying all over the place. It was also freaking cold due the wind.


Ugh, those strings always. I usually don't remove them from clothes because I dream of having a walk in closet where I can hang all my clothes! I don't think I'm ever gonna fulfill that dream, but a girl can dream. But I removed them after this picture. Should've done it before. My dress is from C & A, the brown tights are from Vero Moda and are several years old. Shoes are Converse, bought at Big Bazar. Lol at the last shot with the dress blowing up due the wind.


This denim blouse is from H & M, just like the tregging. I think this is the first time (ever) I'm wearing double denim. I wanted to try it for a long time, but I didn't really to combine which denim items with each other. I like the fact that the denim colors don't match. Although I saw some awesome outfits from bloggers who wore denim on denim in the same colors. I might try that in the future. The shoes are Converse. 


This is the first time I'm wearing this H & M blazer. I paired it simple, since the blazer has a cool print and I wanted to draw the attention to my blazer and boots (Taft Shoes). The white basic T-shirt is from the H & M, just like the tregging

I now wore all my blazers. Time for a new one. No, just kidding. I love wearing all my clothes, but you can only wear one blazer at the time. Perhaps I should change several times during the day because I have too many T-shirts I wanna wear. But it's still a little bit chilly for just a T-shirt. The blazer is from H & M, just like the white basic T-shirt and the black pants. Boots are from Taft Shoes.


Easter! Which basically meant lots of food, food and food. But it was so good! I wore this laced top from H & M. The purple skirt is from H & M as well. The tights are from HEMA and the black pumps are from Van Haren (old).


  1. Great blouse!

  2. As always .... amazing outfits dear :) xx