Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mango sale

I'm not sure whether the sale at the Mango webshop is mid season, because there aren't that many items on sale. I don't check the Mango webshop as often as the H & M website. I do see different items in the webshop than last time, so it might be the mid season sale? Whatever, bottom line is I selected some items which are now on sale. Update: It seems today (April 10) the mid season sale has started at Mango and they added new items to the sale. Talk about great timing! I was just too early with this post I guess!

 Now € 19,99, before € 29,99

Now € 14,99, before € 29,99

Now € 27,99, before € 39,99

 Now € 12,99, before € 19,99

Now € 44,99, before € 69,99

Now € 69,99, before € 99,99

Now € 12,99, before € 19,99

Now € 34,99, before € 49,99

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  1. Mango is having sale, I need to check the store out..
    The jumpsuit and bag is amazing

  2. I was there just the other day with my mom!
    Love that black jumpsuit! xo

  3. Love the ensemble that the first two pieces could create!

  4. Love these pictures, especially love the first top!

    x leah symonne x