Sunday, March 23, 2014

Social Media

I just wanted to let you guys now I hopped on the bandwagon with making an Instagram. I already mentioned loving my new smartphone and I have to say it yet again. I previously owned a HTC Wildfire S and it was so small and had no space at all. I didn't mind the size, but the fact that it had virtually no space was really annoying. I now have 16 GB of internal space and the phone by itself already uses a a lot. So I'm really happy with the space. My Instagram account is @hmlovur.

 The result of my shopping spree on Friday!

Package from the H & M.

Beautiful sunset without filters.

Yum, some fries and a burger!

Making my outfits of the week post of week 11.


My Nikes!

I also made a Lookbook, Chictopia and Famest account. I follow back :).