Thursday, March 27, 2014


I went almost two months without a good old fashioned shopping spree and then I suddenly have two within a week! Last Friday I bought some items at H & M and today I went to Almere with my mom. Finally, to the Primark again! Although I didn't buy anything there, I was quite successful at H & M. Here is what I bought today (all H & M):

High waisted jeans shorts € 14,95

With my new kimono. Do you like this combination?

 Flower tregging € 14,95

Bomberjacket € 15 (now on sale in the stores) 

Blazer now € 10 on sale, normally € 19,95. The white T-shirt is new as well, it was only € 4,95. Both are from Divided. 

Faux leather shorts, only € 14,95. These were on my wishlist! I combined it with my new blazer, new bomberjacket and my floral blazer from Zara.


Flower pants, only € 14,95. It has the same fabric as the Zara floral pants, which is so comfy. It basically feels like a legging.

 And now the items I didn't buy at H & M:

€ 14,95. Cute, definitely liked it, but the problem with money is, you can only spend it once. That is, if you don't want to get in trouble. And I don't. So you have to make choice and this top didn't make the cut.

I just really wanted to try this dress on. It was so edgy and € 29,95 so not that expensive. But I have no idea when I will wear this dress, so it was a no.

I think this denim jacket was something like € 34,95, but I'm not sure. It was quite wide and I think I like the regular jeans jacket better.

Again, this top was not in my size and I can't order it because it's completely sold out. Only € 9,95 and I wanna have it so bad!

Sale. Now € 10.

Below are the items I tried on from Primark.

The color was cute but I wasn't that enthusiastic about this T-shirt. I think it was only 3 euro and on sale, but I'm not sure.

While the color of this dress was cute, it was perhaps a little bit too pale for me. I also didn't like the ballon skirt, I prefer a skater skirt (which is more flowy at the end). It is € 15.

Like this one. This one was € 17 I think. I liked the color and the fit, but I already have some dresses and this one was not cute enough in my opinion to warrant some space in my closet.

I think this cute dress was € 13 but holy cleavage. It was a little bit too much.

Cute, preppy dress. Which might have been € 13 or more. I have no idea. I should write it down.

I think this dress was € 17 and super cute. I loved the skirt bit and the top, but it was so hard to take it off. I was really afraid I might dislocate my shoulder. A shame, because the fit was perfect aside that and a bigger size would've been too lose.


  1. Wauw! Wat een prachtige items :-D Kan niet wachten
    tot we echt weer de korte broekjes/rokjes kunnen dragen!


    1. Dank je! Ja ik kan ook niet wachten. Het schijnt morgen mooi weer te worden. En zondag ook :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, I can't wait to really wear it. Because I only put it on to see how it looked