Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shoplog: All Stars mania

I already mentioned my love for All Stars in a earlier post. So when my mom showed me an ad with All Stars for € 40 each instead of € 70 I was skeptic and excited. Why skeptic? Because they were on sale at a store which usually only sells cheap products. Big Bazar isn't known for it's high prices, which makes it so popular. So I was thinking by myself, is this the real deal? And well, it is. I was preparing myself for a big disappointment and saying to myself the shoes wouldn't be really All Stars or they wouldn't have my size anymore since they went on sale yesterday but I only saw the ad yesterday evening. But lo and behold, they had All Stars in my size.


 Thus, I bought these neon pink ones for € 39,95. I wasn't that sure of this color at first, because it's really bright and I thought maybe too bright. But they look awesome with my H & M light tregging and I think they will look amazing with dark pants as well.


These were love at first sight. Okay not really, but I wanted red All Stars for quite some time. These were € 39,95 as well.


And what do you know, these were € 39,95 as well. So yes, I bought 3 pairs of All Stars. If I had seen the low white ones in my size, I would've bought those as well but unfortunately they were only available in gigantic sizes. The fabric of this pair is different than the others, feels more soft. These will go great with colored or darker pants. As you can, if the pants are too light you don't know where the shoes end and the pants begin.

All in all, I'm very happy with my 3 new pairs of All Stars. Which brings me in grand total of 5 pairs. How many All Stars do you have?


  1. Amazing!!!
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  2. Even 3 paar schoenen gekocht haha, geweldig! Ik vind All Stars altijd leuk en vooral heerlijk zitten :) Leuke kleurtjes heb je gekocht! xo

    1. Haha ja oeps! Dank je, ja All Stars zitten heerlijk. Tenzij je ze nog moet inlopen!

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  4. ohh, love it so much..the color is very eye catching..
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  5. I like it!!!
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  6. My favorite sneakers ever!!! Love them all! xo


  7. Love the colors you chose! It's always nice to find something you love for a great price! :)