Monday, March 31, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 13

What a week, what a week! Three new pair of All Stars and a huge shopping spree. To quote Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Now that was fun!"

It was quite sunny today. Sun makes me so happy, I love it! I had another driving lesson this day. It went better than last week is all I can say. Oh well, I still have enough lessons to go! I wore my pink blazer from H & M (not while driving), blue with white stripes T-shirt from C & A, my superstretch jeans from H & M and blue wedges from Van Haren.

Monday stripes, Tuesday dots. Yes, I wore my polkadot sweater from H & M again! It was a little bit colder than yesterday and I was a little bit sick (again, ugh). I also wore my new tregging, it's super comfy! The grey boots are from De Schoenenreus. Today I bought my new All Stars.

The green blouse from H & M! I wore this later on the day, while having dinner with two friends. I'm wearing my tregging again and also they grey boots again. Dinner was nice, but a friend of mine didn't feel so well either so the timing for dinner wasn't that great.


 Tregging again! I combined it with my pink sweater from H & M and my motorcycle boots from De Schoenenreus.


Casual outfit for a good shopping spree. Gosh, I missed the shopping sprees. My wallet, however, did not. I'm wearing my aztec sweater from H & M, light jeans from H & M and my motorcycle boots from De Schoenenreus. 

Blazers & boyfriends! I'm wearing my dark red blazer from H & M, striped shirt from H & M, boyfriend jeans from H & M and sandals from Van Haren. The sandals are a couple years old, but I have no idea which year I bought them. I think 2011 or something like that. And yes, that is Moschino photobombing my outfit of the week.

Sunny sunday. It was actually quite warm on Saturday, but I had to work so I didn't really notice. I'm wearing a white T-shirt from C & A, which I bought last year. I think it was August 1, but I'm not completely sure. I also own it in green. I'm also wearing my new tregging from H & M. As you can see, I'm wearing the same T-shirt in the shoplog. The sandals are from Van Haren.