Monday, March 24, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 12

I have no idea what I did last week. Just kidding, I do remember! Let's skip the part where I complain about schoolwork since that won't stop anytime soon. Remember I was taking driving lessons? Yeah, still doing that and it's getting slightly better but I'm not anywhere near getting my driving license next week. Which isn't that bad, since I didn't have 10 lessons yet. I'm paying for 30 lessons. Sometimes I really like driving and other times I feel like wanting to sit in the backseat because I get really frustrated. But it's getting better, so let's focus on the positive side.

I had a driving lessons this day and it went better than last week, but it's still very hard for me to relax. Hopefully the next few lessons will go better. I'm wearing a jeans jacket from H & M, which I bought in 2012. The T-shirt and ripped jeans are both from H & M as well. The black T-shirt is from the Conscious line. The fringed ankle boots are from Van Haren.


Sporty meets chic and edgy. This outfit has elements all over the place, which I like. I love mixing styles. This outfit is again almost all H & M, but what else is new. The blazer, T-shirt, faux leather pants are all from H & M. The shoes are Nikes.


This top is far from new, it's from 2005 or 2006. It's from H & M. The ribbon looks like it should be higher, but it doesn't. The sleeves from the top are bat-like. The lights jeans are from H & M. The red pumps are from Van Haren. I wore this when I was eating sushi with a friend.


My mom and I went for a small shopping spree which was quite successful. It was so nice to do something else than schoolwork. And so nice to shop again in a real store and try out loads of clothes. The denim blouse I was wearing while shopping is from Vero Moda. The pants are H & M. The shoes are from Van Haren.


  1. Cute outfits, I really like the last one, chambray shirt and white pants, Good luck on the driving lessons
    xx, Michelle

  2. such a cute outfits dear !! love it !! happy monday doll :) xx