Monday, March 17, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 11

Sunny, with a chance of wind. Pretty much describes the weather in the Netherlands last week. But it's not technically spring yet, so I'm not worried. I do enjoy the fact the it doesn't get dark so early. Love it! Aside from the sunny weather, I went bowling with colleagues and as usual, I was really busy with school work ( I had to stop for a while, because the questions didn't come through anymore).


 I started this week with a little color. My white top is from the H & M, the vest is from Mango (bought 3 years ago) and the orange pants are from H & M (bought on the same day as the vest from Mango). The brown loafers are from Van Haren, bought on August 1 2013.

My great-aunt from Canada came over last week and she came visiting again today. She went home the next day, back to Canada again.We ordered take out from the Chinese, the food was great even though I'm not that big of fan of Chinese (we ate too much of it years ago).

I went to school today and enjoyed the weather. It was time for my green parka with faux leather sleeves, it was too cold without the coat but too hot for my other coat with faux leather sleeves. I wore my black embroidered blazer from H & M and paired it with my nude lace T-shirt from C & A. I could've sworn I bought it in February, but guess not. I bought it in January! I like the contrast between the blazer and the T-shirt. My superstretch jeans are from H & M and my shoes are Nike's.

Going horse back riding. Just kidding. The boots from H & M are indeed looking like horse back riding boots, but I still love them! The polkadot blouse is from Zara, the orange jeans from H & M. I'm so happy with my polkadot blouse!


Vintage! This tunic looks vintage, but it's a good old H & M tunic. I think it's all the way from 2006, I hadn't worn it in years but I wanted to keep it because I wanted to wear it another time. And now I did! I put a black top underneath because I think the cleavage is too much without the top. The jeans are from H & M as well, the heels are from Van Haren.


  My denim blouse with faux leather sleeves from Vero Moda. I paired it with a nude T-shirt, this one is from H & M. The superstretch jeans are from H & M. The fringe boots are from Van Haren.

 What's your favourite outfit?