Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mango sale

I love the fact that due to internet most stores have sale all the time. Of course in December and in July/August there is more sale than during the rest of the months. Still, during the months the sale hasn't officially started, we can score many great items for great prices online. Here are some clothes I like from the Mango sale.

Dress € 19,99, originally € 39,99

Blouse € 14,99 instead € 29,99

Dress € 19,99 instead of € 44,99

Dress € 19,99 instead of € 39,99

Bomberjacket first € 54,99, now € 24,99

Boyfriend blazer €  17,99 instead of € 49,99

 Bomberjacket € 19,99 instead of € 39,99

Sweater €  19,99 instead of € 39,99

Pants € 19,99 instead of € 44,99

Bomberjacket € 34,99 instead of € 69,99

 Jacket € 39,99 instead of € 79,99

Blazer € 34,99 instead of 69,99

 Boyfriend pants € 14,99 instead of € 29,99

I admit, I really love flower prints and jackets. What is your favorite item?


  1. Ooo I love the tartan dress! I love pairing a leather jacket and a floral dress! I really like your blog and have followed via GFC, Bloglovin and Google + and would love for you to check out my blog!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :). I'm already following you

  3. oh I want everything!♥ the first dress is so pretty!

    1. I know, I only selected a couple of things, but I liked so much more!

  4. Very cool! I like them all especially the first dress. Great sale, thanks for sharing.

  5. These are some really interesting sales, I'm checking it out asap!

    I've just followed your blog! I would be more than happy to see you on my list as well.

    Style Nirvana