Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mango lookbook summer 2014

It's always exciting when a new season begins. Not only a change of clothes, but also new styles and thus time for shopping sprees. I'm still planning to go, but haven't found the time for a shopping spree. For now I'll have to look at the lookbooks. Which is fun as well, though not as much as shopping. This time I'm showing the Mango lookbook of the summer of 2014. It's divided in six collections: River Island, Season Essentials, Premium, Wear to Work, Sporty Code and Party. Beware of lots of pictures!

River Island:


Season Essentials:




Wear to Work:


Sporty Code: 




I like the lookbook and I see a lot of things I like. I'm not sure whether I would like the prices, 'cause Mango might not be super expensive, I still think the clothes are sometimes a little bit too pricey. Of course there's always the sale!


  1. Yes to Mango ;) xo

  2. I absolutely love all of the items in the combinations! They are all very classy, I can totally imagine myself wearing them :)
    xx, Tina