Friday, February 21, 2014

Superga shoes

As a shoeaholic, I always look at what other woman are wearing on their feet. Whether they're wearing heels, sneakers or UGGs, I always look. I already said I love All Stars, but I just discovered a new brand: Superga. Which you can buy on a new site I just found. I still don't often shop at other stores than H & M online. So I usually find them through another blogger. As I did now. About Superga, the shoes are sometimes a little bit more pricey but they look awesome. I selected a couple I like. I also don't have any experience with this brand, but they look cool. Have you heard of this brand before? And do you own a pair of Superga shoes?


  1. Those flower ones are so pretty, I like the tip of shoes!!! XO

  2. OOhhhhhh fantastic!I love this shoes,it´s so fantastic!
    I love your style and your blog,for this reason i follow you now!
    Kisses from Carmen

  3. they are so pretty :) xx