Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ready? Okay!

I've been wanting to make a post about this for quite some time now (since December last year). And here it finally is. I jog once a week. I want to run more in the spring an summer. So when I do, I need to have good shoes. Sports shoes that are specially made for jogging. I have no problem spending a little bit extra for good shoes, because you can really ruin your knees if you have bad shoes. If you don't run often and not very far, you can use the shoes for two years. If you jog a lot and you always run a lot of kilometers, you should buy shoes once a year. Because the shoes have to endure a lot as well as your knees. I forgot when I bought my last running shoes and found out I bought my last pair in December 2010. Way too long ago and I felt my knees while running for quite some time. So it was way overdue to buy new shoes.


The shoes are purple and green. Love the combination of these colors. I bought them at Runners World in Almere and the shoes are from the brand Brooks. My last pair of running shoes were from that brand as well and I was quite happy with them. These shoes cost around 160 euros. They're really light and comfortable to walk in. I almost don't feel them while running. Though during the first few weeks they felt a little bit slippery on the road in the evening. I don't have that problem anymore. Do you jog and buy expensive shoes as well?

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