Saturday, February 15, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 6

I had my second driving lesson this week. I also went bowling with colleagues. The rest of the week I was very busy with school.

Something different than I usually wear, but I like it. I wore my pink/red sweater from H & M, pink blouse from Takko Fashion, blue polkadot jeans from Primark and my motorcycle boots from De Schoenenreus. What do you think of this outfit?

Quite sunny today. When you're inside, you feel the sun shining and it almost feels like spring. Until you go outside. It's not super cold, especially not for the winter, but it's no spring weather either. Not surprising, since it's still February. I wore my X sweater from H & M, my red pants from C & A and my fake fur ankle boots from H & M.

 Casual but chic. I wore my black blazer from H & M, checkered blouse from the New Yorker, light jeans from Vero Moda and my new All Stars from Sarenza. This is btw the first time I wore my checkered blouse from the New Yorker. My sister M. wore it once before, but I never did.

School, school and more school. The life of a student. I wore my sweater from C & A, dark jeans from H & M and blue ankle wedges from Van Haren. 

 I wore my fluffy sweater from H & M again. So warm, I love it! I combined it with my red pants from C & A and my blue All Stars. This is what I wore in the morning. I changed my clothes for bowling.

Bowling! I went bowling with colleagues right after work. I got a package from the H & M, with this denim blouse. I tried it on immediately. I combined it with my red pants from C & A and my old All Stars.