Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 5

This was the week I started with driving lessons. I'm excited yet totally petrified, but it's about time I started. It's also the week where I chopped my hair off.

 I wore my fake leather pants from H & M on Monday and I felt so sophisticated. So glad I bought them! I combined them with my grey ankle boots from Van Haren. I'm also wearing my 'fall' sweater from Takko Fashion.

My very first driving lesson! I was so excited and nervous. I luckily had my first lesson quite early in the morning, so I didn't have to wait all freaking day! I thought it was really cool but I was also super nervous and a little bit scared. But it was my first lesson. I'm sure it will go away eventually. I wore my new cropped sweater from H & M, fake leather pants from H & M and my grey ankle boots when I went for a haircut (I wore jeans and All Stars while driving). It was below my shoulders. Now it's above my shoulders, very much a bob.


This is how it was before.

It's a little bit shorter than Hayden Panettierre. I'm so happy with it. I sometimes miss wearing a ponytail, because my hair gets greasy very fast and it was so easy to do it in a ponytail.

 My mom bought me this mustard sweater at Takko Fashion on Tuesday. I wore it the next day. I combined it with my brown ankle boots from Scapino, tregging from H & M and blue blouse from H & M. 

 It was time for my aztec sweater from H & M again. This time I combined it with my light jeans from H & M. I wore my low fringe boots from Van Haren for the first time today.


My light purple blazer from H & M. I can't believe I haven't worn it before. I paired it with my tregging (H & M), black blouse from Takko Fashion and my motorcycle boots from De Schoenenreus.


 I had a cocktail party today with friends. It was fun and I didn't drink too much. I only liked one cocktail with ice cream. I went for a casual outfit. I wore my boyfriend jeans (H & M), cropped top (H & M) and a basic black top (H & M) with basic black pumps (Van Haren).

Far from an elegant outfit, but this is what I wore on Sunday. I had a cocktail party on Saturday and stayed with a friend. When I went home the next day I really wasn't in the mood to wear heels haha! So I just wore my All Stars, my boyfriend jeans and this black sweater from H & M. Not my favorite outfit and I'm sure it will look better with heels. But I just wanted to show what I really wore.