Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 4

This week was the first in a very long while I actually had a class again. I did have school work to do, but I could just do that at home. But now I'm going to school again. Feels a bit weird.

 On Monday I went to a concert of Maroon 5 with some of my friends. It was amazing! Because I was quite cold, I wasn't really in the mood to wear a T-shirt to the concert. Because I may had to wait for the train and it's especially cold on train stations. I wore my tregging from H & M, vest from H & M (old), striped shirt from Vero Moda (old) and my motorcycle boots from De Schoenenreus (old).

I went to school today for an appointment with  a teacher. Luckily it wasn't that early because I was quite tired from the concert! I wore my tregging again and wanted to wear my salmon sweater (C & A) again. To give the outfit more of an edgy, I wore my fake Timberlands (Van Haren).

This outfit had a lot of different elements, but I think it worked. I like this outfit. I wore my fake Timberlands, my black pants from H & M and my white vest from the H & M. I went to school again and it was so windy and cold, I wrapped myself up in a very comfy and warm vest.

I combined the white vest with my dark denim blouse from Vero Moda

No going to school today, but plenty of school work at home. I wore my colorful vest (H & M), light jeans from H & M (old), motorcycle boots (De Schoenenreus) and black top (C & A).

Ah my polkadot sweater again! I feel it was a while I wore this one. I combined it with my old light jeans from H & M again, motorcycle boots (De Schoenenreus).