Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sweater wheater

I was wondering when H & M would send this sweater to me, and lo and behold. Suddenly it arrived! Two other sweaters were in the package as well, so I'm all set for a possible cold winter. It's been hinted at the Dutch television for weeks that we will be freezing our ass of very soon, but nothing happened as of yet. I'm more the summery type, so naturally I'm quite happy it's not that cold (yet). Let's hope it stays this way.


This fluffy sweater from the Divided collection of H & M is amazing. It's really warm, but doesn't make me itch like crazy. I was quite relieved, because I was a little bit scared it might make my itch. It's also not too short, so another relief! I bought all these sweaters online on the webshop in the sale. This one was 12 euros.


I'm also quite fond of this denim sweater, which is quite large. But I don't mind. It's a bit of a pity it's not very warm, but I didn't expect that either way. I think denim sweater is unique looking and will look amazing on red or orange jeans!


A dark red aztec sweater, only 9 euros on the webshop. So what do I do. Order it of course! It's longer at the back and has a split in the middle at both sides. It's quite warm and I love the dark red color. As I mentioned before I'm a big lover of the color red. I mostly tend to buy clothes in bright red colors, but items like this sweater are easier to combine. I'm happy with all my three sweaters and keeping all of them.


  1. Love the aztec print sweater, what a find!!! XO

  2. Lovely sweaters :) xx

  3. Very cute sweaters! I have the black one above in white color. I love it. It really keeps me warm.

  4. Great sweaters!

  5. Wat een leuke sweaters! Vooral heerlijk om
    aan te hebben met dit koude weer :D